Biblical Calendar (Updated for 2021)

Each holy day is calculated based on the original lunar calendar described in the Torah. 

The new year (Aviv 1) is calculated based on the ripening of the barley grain in the Land of Israel. Each new moon thereafter which is spotted in Israel marks the beginning of a new month (rosh chodesh).

Some of the dates below are subject to change based on the barley grain being ripe in time as well as the date on which new moons are actually visible in Israel with the naked eye.

A biblical day begins at evening and lasts until the following evening. Therefore, for the dates below, the day actually begins at sunset on the evening before the date listed. 

Appointed Times*Date
Passover Meal/1st Day of Feast of Unleavened BreadMarch 29
First Fruits/Begin Counting the OmerApril 4
7th Day of the Feast of Unleavened BreadApril 4
Shavuot/Feast of WeeksMay 23
Yom Teruah/Day of TrumpetsSeptember 9
Yom Kippur/Day of AtonementSeptember 18
Sukkot/Feast of TabernaclesSeptember 23
Shemini Atzeret/Last Great DaySeptember 30
*Each holy day listed above begins on the evening before the date shown and continues until the evening of the date shown.